Balancing Overwhelm During College Applications: A Guide for Teens and Parents (Pt 2) (#65)

Balancing Busy

Aug 28 2023 • 23 mins

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Welcome back to the second part of our interview with Neha Gupta, where we're  going further into the intricate world of college admissions. Whether your child is about to embark on this journey or you're looking to gain insights for the future, there are valuable takeaways for everyone. Remember, the process of college admissions can be approached with a positive mindset, and we'll discover how to infuse joy, confidence, and peace into the process.

This episode will help:

👉 High school seniors navigate the complexities of college applications with confidence.
👉 Parents gain insights to support their children through the college admissions journey
👉 Teens discover effective strategies for managing stress and excelling in academics.

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