#6 World's Greatest Guitarmakers Alan Chapman and Gef Fisher

Classical Guitar Around the World

Jun 22 2021 • 1 hr

Meet the world's greatest guitarmakers, Alan Chapman and Gef Fisher in Amherst, Mass. Alan Chapman started building guitars in 1970, when I began serious guitar, we came up together. If Alan tells you he is not the World's Greatest Guitarmaker, then that is how modest he is. He can build any guitar you want, only better. And Gef Fisher is Alan's new partner, one-time apprentice and now full-blown maker in his own right. They build the Ferrari of guitars-- they challenge you and take you where you could never go on your own. And they are total guitar geeks, the two of them standing there talking about a piece of Thai ebony so turns into a total geek fest, remember the time I drew in black veins with a magic marker so the sides would match? Serious geekdome. Meet Alan Chapman and Gef Fisher, the World's Greatest Guitarmakers. They don't have to tell anyone how they got there, they just do it!