282 Joachim Ewechu and Hannes Van den Eeckhout - Why Uganda is the best place for a locally owned regenerative agriculture revolution

Investing in Regenerative Agriculture and Food

Feb 6 2024 • 1 hr 12 mins

A conversation with Joachim Ewechu and Hannes Van den Eeckhout, co-founders of Rootical, a start-up studio that enables purpose-driven entrepreneurs in Uganda to build and own their regenerative agri-food companies. We talk about why Uganda is the place to launch and build agroecology, regenerative agriculture, and food companies, why Uganda enjoys political support for agroecology, the importance of different steward ownership models, the importance of different investment models, and more.

Join a journey where we discuss why the biggest impact in regenerative agriculture can be made on the African continent, unpack the key differences between a startup studio and an incubator or accelerator, and why the start-up studio model is so exciting.

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