279 Martin Reiter - Why regen hasn’t produced a Steve Jobs yet and how to build a modern Nestlé

Investing in Regenerative Agriculture and Food

Jan 23 2024 • 57 mins

A conversation with Martin Reiter, former senior manager at Airbnb and Wayfair, and prior to this at McKinsey and Groupon, about what excites him about regeneration, where are the Steve Jobs and Elon Musk of regeneration going to build their companies, and how can we help more talent flow into the space?

Why did Martin, after he grew Wayfair's European Business by 100x over 8 years and led Airbnb's International Expansion, read more than 50 agriculture books and all the papers he could get his hands on, plus he is doing Create with Nicole Masters, one of the most deep regenerative agronomy courses?


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