The Stamp Revolution: A Chat with Rich the Stamp Guy

All Things Military, Veteran & VA

Sep 20 2023 • 37 mins

What if your mailbox was your ballot box? That's the revolutionary idea we explore with our passionate guest, Rich Lins, more affectionately known as The Stamp Guy. After a personal experience hunting for a 71 cent stamp to mail his ballot, Rich was awakened to the pivotal role of accessible voting. Uncover the lesser-known US Postal Service policy that ensures ballots are delivered regardless of postage, and join us as we champion the transformation of every mailbox into a ballot dropbox.

Let's dive into the significance of paid postage for Colorado, the pitfalls of ballot harvesting, and the ripple effects of the failure to pass HR 1 For the People Act. Rich's initiative raises the promising prospect of increased voter turnout through an accessible paid postage return envelope. Tune in to explore the potential of an equitable playing field, and the compelling power of the humble postage stamp in our democracy.

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