Journey Through Nature and Cannabis for Veteran Rehabilitation

All Things Military, Veteran & VA

Oct 1 2023 • 33 mins

Imagine, as a veteran, finding solace not just in the understanding companionship of fellow veterans but also in the healing embrace of nature and its adventures. This captivating episode introduces you to Mark Fruehling, an Army veteran who is on a mission to create such a space. Mark and other members of the Paso County, Colorado Progressive Veterans group share a common goal – to alleviate the sense of isolation often felt by veterans. They have found an innovative way to do this – by engaging in outdoor activities like hiking and fishing.

We then navigate through the somewhat contentious topic of cannabis and its potential in supporting veterans’ well-being. Mark opens up about his personal experiences around PTSD, anxiety, and back pain and how the right cannabis type assisted him. We also share a heartening story of a gentleman who rediscovered his mobility through cannabis and physical therapy. Don't miss this enlightening conversation about the potential benefits of cannabis in managing PTSD and other service-related medical conditions. Whether you're a veteran, a family member, or just interested in supporting the community, this episode is a must-listen. or