What, When and Why should you be considering an Exit Strategy from your Business?

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Sep 12 2023 • 17 mins

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Whether you're embarking on your journey as a mortgage broker or have an eye on your exit plan, this episode is a must-listen. We explore what exit strategies are, why they should be on your radar, and when it's the right time to start thinking about them.

Join us as Marissa Schultze chats with Ruan Burger, a seasoned mortgage broker with a track record of successful business exits. He's here to share his insights on this critical aspect of your broker journey, from understanding the 'when' to considering the 'how.'

Tune in to discover:

  • The importance of timing and strategy in your mortgage broker exit plan.
  • Insights from Ruan's personal experiences, exiting not one but two successful broker businesses.
  • Valuable tips to consider on your journey, whether you're just starting or you're well into it.


"Part of what we do with our clients is discuss exit strategy. We consciously keep them accountable to say: When does such a choice become a reality?" - Ruan

"I like shifting that to just having choices, knowing that you may not want to sell, it might not be something that's at the front of your mind at this stage, but maybe it's just about having choices in your business." - Marissa

"And from there I built the Family Plan vs Business Plan, because I came to realise what things should be non-negotiable for my family and what can I then build around it." - Ruan

"It's just really understanding what it is you want, what are your strengths and weaknesses and what is it going to give you, or help you to achieve your goals and objectives long-term." - Marissa

"Action dictates priority. As soon as I knew I wanted to sell, it was the actions that were more important to me than the priority of getting there." - Ruan

Thank You To Our Hosts: Ruan Burger and Marissa Schulze

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