How to Maximise Value to Clients in a Rising Interest Rate Environment.

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Apr 11 2023 • 16 mins

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Discover the keys to thriving in a rising interest rate environment. This podcast episode with Ruan Burger and Marissa Schulze dives deep into the strategies and insights necessary to navigate the changing market landscape. Join us as Ruan and Marissa share expert advice on adapting your approach and prioritising education, and unlock the tools and knowledge you need to optimise your value proposition and stay ahead of the curve.

Find answers and insights to the following:

  • Are you equipped to adapt your approach to rising interest rates and ensure client satisfaction?
  • How can you maximise your value proposition in a changing mortgage landscape?
  • What are effective techniques for nurturing long-term client relationships and generating referrals during market fluctuations?
  • How can you support clients facing challenges in the current interest rate environment?
  • What role does education play in providing exceptional client experiences?
  • How can you address the needs of clients impacted by rising interest rates?
  • What are the strategies employed by top-performing brokers to build trust with clients in uncertain times?

Key quotes:

“I think there’s a lot of mortgage brokers out there in Australia that have never experienced an interest rate rising environment.” - Marissa

“It’s really important to have that shift in mindset as to what is really important to our clients moving forward.” - Marissa

“You have to slow down before you speed up.” - Ruan

“We’re setting an experience trend with our clients to know if this was to happen again, this is what would happen, this is how it’ll work and this is how we will deal with it.” - Ruan

“We need to center our value around education, and that needs to be the experience that we provide.” - Marissa

“You can’t ask for referrals, you have to educate for referrals.” - Ruan

“What has made us who we have become? It’s our clients. It’s not the banks. It was 100% our clients. We have to do the very thing that made them come to us in the first place.” - Ruan

“If you stick to the education focus you’ll survive and thrive this period of upswing in interest rates.” - Marissa

Thank You To Our Hosts: Ruan Burger and Marissa Schulze

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