The Importance of a Workflow and Dealflow System with guest Will Swayne

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Nov 1 2022 • 16 mins

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Back in the day, a broker could do a deal on the back of a fax and voila. These days with more compliance, quality control and deadlines from lenders and clients a broker needs more support and that support can come in the form of smart systems. Broker Engine is a workable tool for any broker. Here's more about Broker Engine:

  • Broker Engine handles the entire life cycle of the client, the leadflow to dealflow to running reviews and client maintenance so that you retain more clients.

  • All these systems help a broker to manage a successful client relationship over time and ensure that you are retaining more clients.

  • If I was to sign up tomorrow to Broker Engine, how much time will it take to get it running? With Broker Engine we supply the workflows out of the box and have a customer success team to support our clients so we suggest it takes about three weeks to get it up and running, so not long at all.

  • For Broker Engine, we see: The broker likes it, team likes it, the client likes it.

  • It helps to document the processes and systems so that the things that typically gets missed from a workflow are put into a structure, allowing a team to become at least 20% more efficient.

  • Broker’s who are business builders and building a team to scale, then Broker Engine can help you achieve a more powerful business flow.

  • The whole workflow and the client engagement can be managed in a powerful way with Broker Engine.

Key Quotes

“Leadflow is what gets you the appointments and what gets you the activity.” - Ruan

“After the loan settles, aftercare can be built into the system via email and sms, so it takes the headache away from brokers having to remember everything.” - Will

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