Tom Szaky: Unlocking the Value of Waste

The Founder Spirit

Jun 2 2023 • 52 mins

Every year we generate over 2 billion tons of waste, most of which ends up either in landfills or being burned, resulting in disastrous consequences on our planet. While these facts are alarming, have you ever paused to wonder what is the root cause of waste? And how can someone build a profitable business based on something so repulsive?

In this episode of The Founder Spirit Podcast, Tom Szaky, Founder and CEO of TerraCycle, shares his entrepreneurial journey as a Princeton dropout and the important lessons he learned along the way. Tom's passion for waste reduction and his innovative approach to waste management can help us save the planet. He talks about his pivot from selling liquid worm poop in the early days to unlocking the value of garbage, and emphasizes the importance of empathy and having purpose in business.

Join us as we explore the fascinating world of garbage according to Tom Szaky and learn how his unique perspective on trash can help us tackle this critical global issue. TUNE IN now!

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