Sarah Cameron Sunde: Galvanizing Climate Action with 36.5 / A Durational Performance with the Sea

The Founder Spirit

Jul 14 2023 • 49 mins

The climate crisis and its impact on rising sea levels pose significant threats to coastal communities, ecosystems, and infrastructure worldwide. To raise awareness about this pressing issue, climate art has emerged as a powerful way to engage audiences, provoke dialogue, and inspire collective action.

In this episode of The Founder Spirit, we feature Sarah Cameron Sunde, an interdisciplinary artist working at the intersection of art and activism. Sarah is best known for masterminding 36.5 / A Durational Performance with the Sea, a series of performances and video artwork spanning nine years and six continents, where she stands as the water engulfs her and then recedes for over 12 hours a full tide cycle as a metaphor for the rise in sea level. She works with scale and duration to explore the profound connections between humans and the natural world.

TUNE IN and uncover Sarah’s artistic journey from a theater maker to an activist, and what inspired her to connect art with environmental challenges in catalyzing a broader conversation to promote positive change as we confront the climate crisis.

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