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Conversations with industry experts on how new technologies are impacting sensory and consumer science.
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Dr. Tian Yu - No Limits
Nov 23 2021
30 mins
Dr. Tian Yu - No LimitsJean Storlie & Mimi Sherlock - Tap into the Power of Story
As President/Owner of Storlietelling Jean uses story-based techniques to design and facilitate highly engaging strategic planning, innovation, and team-building sessions. She also runs training programs in business storytelling skills for clients that span boutique consulting firms to Fortune 500 companies across a range of industries. Jean has facilitated innovation in consumer packaged goods, supplier, and direct marketing companies, focusing on building their innovation pipelines. She worked at General Mills for over a decade, where her knack for distilling complex content into compelling communications helped business teams drive business growth for consumer brands like Cheerios and Yoplait. As a child, she loved reading books, playing dress-up, and solving puzzles, foreshadowing the work she does now-solving problems with stories.    Mimi is the leader of Global Strategic Insights for IFF Nourish. She is responsible for inspiring and motivating creative teams by bringing actionable insights to life and facilitating end-to-end innovation. Prior to this, Mimi was the Principal and Owner of Sherlock Creative Thinking, a creativity and innovation consultancy that served a variety of clients and industries across the globe. Through her highly engaging and experiential approach, Mimi helped business teams in companies like Visa, L'Oreal, and Nestle crack the code on gnarly problems . . . and enjoy the process. She has been a leader and facilitation trainer for the Creative Problem Solving Institute for close to thirty years. As a natural ideator, if you give Mimi a challenge she's likely to spew out twenty-five ideas in under five minutes.   Jean Storlie on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeanstorlie/ Mimi Sherlock on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mimisherlock  Storlietelling.com: https://storlietelling.com/ Book website: https://onceuponinnovation.com/   To learn more about Aigora, please visit www.aigora.com
Nov 16 2021
34 mins
Julien Delarue - Sensory at the CenterNicolas Hartmann - Try Something NewBo Li - Finding the WhyDawn Chapman - Re-thinking SensoryDaniel Protz - Outside InBenjamin Cabé - On the EdgeHelene Hopfer - Using New ToolsJohn Fuisz - Forest for the TreesValerie Mialon - Advocate for Sensory
Valerie is MMR’s Global Sensory Director, leading one of the largest and most innovative teams of sensory experts in the world, with sensory hubs in Europe, the US and Asia and with over 20 trained sensory panels.   Valerie grew up in the south of France and trained as a food scientist in Burgundy, where she immediately fell in love with Sensory, as a discipline that uniquely blends the rigor of science, experimental design and statistics with the fascinating world of the psychology of human perception. Valerie has been working as a sensory and consumer research partner and consultant for over 25 years, with many of the major global food and drink, beauty and other FMCG companies, living in the UK, Australia and now the US. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated a passion to apply sensory and consumer research approaches in delivering business relevant, tangible and actionable recommendations, and pushing her teams to constantly innovate and adapt in response to clients’ ever changing challenges.   From her background and travels, Valerie truly appreciates and enjoys holistic sensory experiences, and as MMR’s Global Sensory Director she now focuses on making the power of sensory more widely accessible to help a wider range of functions and industries, and help create product and service experiences that delight consumers, and lead to long-term market impact.   LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vmialon/   To learn more about Aigora, please visit www.aigora.com
May 25 2021
33 mins
Nick Zacharov - Sounds of ProgressCharles Spence - Experiment!Yizhou Ma - Printing the FutureLiz Glenn - Consumer AdvocateJozef Youssef - Chef’s ChoiceMartin Kern - A Comprehensive ViewNazimah Hamid - Something More ComplexLori Rothman - It’s About Relationships
Lori Rothman is the owner of Lori Rothman Consulting, where she helps companies develop consumer-preferred products and packages. She has a B.S. from Cornell University in Nutritional Science and a M.S. from the University of California, Davis in Food Science. Lori is also an adjunct instructor in Sensory Evaluation at Dominican University, in River Forest, IL.   Lori is a Food Scientist and an experienced professional in the areas of Consumer Science and Sensory Evaluation, specializing in consumer products and packaging. Lori is known for leveraging consumer and sensory insights to drive product innovation and business growth. Her experience includes strategy development, department creation and staffing, sensory facility/infrastructure, cross-functional and cross-country relationship building, budgeting, and delivering business-relevant results.   Lori has over 30 years of experience, with successful roles in Consumer and Sensory Science management and technical leadership for consumer packaged goods companies. She is credited with two Packaging Design Patents and a Trade secret, as well as the Charles M. Dudley Medal for ASTM publications that have impacted their field. In 2018, Lori produced a webinar ‘Getting Maximum Impact from your Sensory/Consumer Science Team’ in conjunction with the Kraft Alumni Network, and in 2020 a webinar ‘Sensory Science and the Research Chef’ for the Research Chefs Association.   LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lorirothman/   To learn more about Aigora, please visit www.aigora.com
Mar 22 2021
30 mins
Trey Sanders - Empowering Sensory