The Importance of the Sales Narrative Structure

The Big Sale Illuminati

Jul 27 2023 • 40 mins

Episode 14 – The Importance of the Sales Narrative Structure

Sales narratives: organizing, presenting and engaging your content in a way that gets results. Our panelists begin with the dissection of the famous Zuora presentation model (among others) and determine what aspects work for buyers and why. We review how and when to include research, third party information, trends in the clients' business and then how you can tell your story for the ''solve'' your sales team can provide to the client for their objectives and pain.


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Monique de Maio

Founder & CMO, ondemandCMO

Mark Kennedy

President, Terakeet

Tiffany Olson

President, CEO & Board Member

Tom Searcy

Founder & CEO, Hunt Big Sales