Processessing Your Emotions Through Writing - Even If You Aren't A Writer

Midlife Schmidlife

May 3 2020 • 42 mins

Join me on this episode with my guest Deb Cooperman - workshop leader, coach while we talk about processing our emotions through writing - even if you aren't a writer!

During this roller coaster of a ride through this global pandemic, many of us are experiencing a wide range of emotions - stress, anxiety, anger, fear, sadness and even guilt. Often these emotions can be all in one day and sometimes they can seem overwhelming. Mental health professionals are recognizing how this time will have lasting effects on us all.

Deb and I will talk about ways to sort through our emotions using writing as a tool - as Deb puts it, "to find emotional footing in a world that has turned upside down; to spill out the anxiousness and create breathing room."

We will talk about ways to start a writing practice and tips to use writing as a tool to create a little bit of an oasis in this crazy world. I even share my "red pen" moment in 10th grade English that had me believing that I wasn't a writer. Deb gives us all permission to explore our feelings and get out of our own ways despite how we see ourselves - a writer or not.

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