Following Your Intuition with Marianne de Kleer

Midlife Schmidlife

Feb 22 2022 • 33 mins

Hey Schmidlifers. I have a question for you: when was the last time you listened to your Inner Wise Woman, aka your Inner Knowing, in other words, your intuition?

She is the one who whispers to take a new route home, and you later find out there was a bad car accident on your usual route. Or she whispers that a particular person gives you the creeps, so you steer clear. She is also gut-feeling when a new opportunity feels right (even if it's a bit scary). If we listen hard enough, we can hear her whisper about what we really want.

And I do mean whisper. Because most often, we've drowned out her voice with our very loud inner critic or who I call the inner mean girl. That constant chatter about how you aren't good enough, smart enough, etc.

Which by the way, you ARE good and intelligent enough. That inner chatter is formed out of fear, our lizard brain hard at work keeping you safe.

Our intuition? She is patient, but we need to learn to turn up her volume, listen to what she says and honor her suggestions.

And that brings me to today's guest, Marianne de Kleer. She is a Canadian ex-pat living in the French countryside. Her intuition told her precisely what she REALLY wanted in the early stages of her career - but she took the way that most of us do…she chose what seemed like the practical choice.

You will learn that Marianne is a certified Sophrologist and holistic wellness facilitator working in both English and French. Marianne helps women in their middle years avoid burnout, reduce stress, and boost confidence through Sophrology, a popular mind-body technique in Europe. In her holistic wellness mentoring, she encourages her clients to find their anchors: the things that bring them back to feeling their best.

From mindful walking prompts in her Creative Walking Tours to guided meditation recordings and feeling trackers, she loves to share the contents of her toolbox so that everyone can move into a vibrant way of living, full of ease.

You can find links to connect with Marianne on the links below:

I hope this conversation inspires you to tune into your own intuition and follow those "maybe someday" dreams.