What You Need to Know About Boundaires

Midlife Schmidlife

Apr 16 2020 • 54 mins

It’s been quiet here on the Midlife Schmidlife podcast but as I’m putting together this episode it's April 16, 2020 and we are in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Most of the world is in “shelter in place” mode and that has brought up new ways to have to manage our daily activities.

Like a big spotlight, this pandemic is showing us what’s important, how we show and our loved ones show up under stress and places that need a little “tweaking.” Because I firmly believe that what is showing up for us now - was showing up for us before, it’s just easier for us to see.

That’s what I’m bringing you to a popup series of the podcast called “Now More Than Ever.” I’m inviting guests to have a conversation about ways to use this time to grow and decide what you will carry with you into the future.

These conversations are happening as Facebook Lives first on my Facebook page and then will be shared here on the podcast. You are welcome to both of course!

My first guest is Dorena Kohrs of Space Doula. Dorena is a Feng Shui master and intuitive space & energy clearer. She is a believer that we can use our homes to reflect the lives we want to live and it’s some fascinating stuff!

Dorena and I had a conversation last week about boundaries both physical and emotional. Many of you are not working from home for the first time full time or your partner is. There is the fact of having the kids home and managing distance learning and so many other scenarios. Dorena offers some insight on how to make all of this happen and we also talk about respectful conversation.

Be sure to head over and find out more about Dorena at https://spacedoula.com/

Show notes with all of the links can be found here: https://breakingthegoodgirlrules.com/blog/boundaries-now-more-than-ever