Growing up it was weird to talk about money, debt, and investments.

But today I am really pulling back the curtain and sharing the deep lessons of my scariest investment yet.

You all might know that I am no stranger to investing multiple 5-figures in myself and my business.

But this last one…oof. It hit an edge that was *almost* too scary.

Tune in to hear why it was my most vulnerable investment yet, and how I manifested all the resources and circumstances to make it a delightful YES.

PS - If you’ve been eyeing my work but it feels vulnerable or scary to reach out…

I totally get it. It’s no small feat to invest in our big dreams.

One of the most common things I hear from clients is that my sales process is the most spacious, empowering, no-pressure energy they’ve ever felt.

And regardless of whether you are a YES or No, you leave with value on what is getting in your way to creating cash and client overflow through your content.

So…If you’ve DECIDED that 2022 is your year to be seen, heard and PAID for your genius

And you’re salivating at the chance to unleash your voice in a way that has your best clients

coming at you from all sides -

Seen and Sought-After is now open.

It’s a 4-month experience for coaches who are ready to go from feeling overlooked online, to having a radiant online presence that has them sought-after by their “F** YES” clients.

You Will:

Unleash your voice and embody breath-taking confidence that will create instant connection with your best clients, no matter where you show up.

Create irresistible content online that has clients and leaders seeking you out for your expertise (yes, even with a small audience)

Clarify your unique “zone of radiance” and create a client attraction process that fills your spots in half the hours

This is still a 4-figure investment (soon to be 5-fig later this year)

If you’re curious, the best next step is to use the link below and we’ll chat privately.

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