There Is Always a Way: A Journey to Betterment With Robin Miller

The Picture of Wealth

Aug 1 2022 • 46 mins

Are you currently in a season of betterment?

In this episode, Dustin interviews Robin Miller, health and nutrition specialist and author of 11 cookbooks. Robin has been featured on BRAVO, CBS, This Morning, Fox, HGTV, and more as TV personality “Robin Miller Cooks”. With her 11th cookbook coming out, Robin has many tips to share on how to create healthy and easy meals that will have you feeling your best.

Dustin and Robin discuss their journeys to betterment. Robin shares the story of her entrepreneurial father and the valuable traits he passed on to her that have influenced her success. They talk about living your life today—instead of always saving for retirement, and Robin explains why she values her time off NOW. Dustin and Robin consider the value of teamwork— Robin suggests that her time being part of a team in her past, influences how she operates as a lone wolf in her current career.

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