Kin-Keeping and Other Expectations of ADHD Women

The HealthyADHD Podcast

Dec 15 2020 • 17 mins

My good friend Jaclyn Paul, from The ADHD Homestead is back!

I recently wrote a rant email about why it sucks that women*** bear the burden of the holiday season. In fact, we do all the invisible work of life, so kin-keeping shouldn't be a surprise.

Because her timing is always perfect, Jaclyn contacted me last week and we engaged in a series of voice messages about the concept of kin-keeping, and the added mental/emotional burdens of 2020.

Jaclyn recorded our conversation, as well as an audio version of her original article on kin-keeping.

As always, we both put a lot out into the world, and we appreciate your support.
Thanks for listening.

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