Shopping Small Beyond Main Street

Small Business Rundown

May 2 2024 • 27 mins

What does shopping small mean, and what is considered a small business? Small business owners in suburban and city environments answer these questions and more in this episode. Kim Duncan, owner of Goldenlight Visions in Manhattan, New York, and Amy Morgan, owner of LeFleur in Washington, Illinois, share how small businesses create neighborhoods, the importance of personal relationships that build customer loyalty, and the crucial customer service that small business shopping provides. NFIB State Director Jim Brown from Tennessee broke down how important small businesses are to his state and the importance of getting to know your elected officials.

Learn more about local issues impacting your community small businesses.

Take Action: Sign NFIB’s petition to make the 20% Small Business Deduction permanent. This will avoid massive tax hikes on small businesses if it expires in 2025.

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