#15 - Eric Topol: Actualizing the opportunity with advanced AI

Notable Perspectives

Sep 29 2023 • 21 mins

In this episode, Dr. Topol sits down for an in-depth conversation with Dr. Aaron Neinstein, chief medical officer at Notable. Among other things, the two discuss:

* How AI can make healthcare human again

* Patient autonomy and access to care

* The medical community’s resistance to change

* And much more.


Eric Topol is the Founder and Director of the Scripps Research Translational Institute, Professor of Molecular Medicine, and Executive Vice-President of Scripps Research.

He has published over 1,200 peer-reviewed articles, with more than 320,000 citations, was elected to the National Academy of Medicine, and is one of the top 10 most cited researchers in medicine. His principal scientific focus has been on individualized medicine using genomic, digital, and A.I. tools.

He authored three bestseller books on the future of medicine: The Creative Destruction of Medicine, The Patient Will See You Now, and Deep Medicine: How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Healthcare Human Again. Topol is the principal investigator to two large NIH grants, the All of Us Research Program that supports precision medicine and a Clinical and Translational Science (CTSA) Award that promotes innovation in medicine. He was the founder of a new medical school at Cleveland Clinic (Lerner College of Medicine), was commissioned by the UK to lead a review of their National Health Service, and is active clinically as a cardiologist.



Here are the timestamps for this episode.

(00:00) - Intro

(01:26) - How AI can impact the doctor-patient relationship

(05:00) - What is the next book Dr. Topol will write that correctly predicts a future trend?

(06:07) - Why it took a pandemic to get telemedicine off the ground

(06:32) - Resistance to change in the medical community

(07:00) - How LLMs and advanced AI can change the mindset

(10:23) - Why the industry needs to seize the moment we are in

(12:01) - Exploring how to build trust in AI among the medical community

(14:30) - Which areas are seeing the most uptake in terms of AI in healthcare?

(16:28) - Keeping the doctor-patient relationship at the core as AI becomes more widely deployed

(18:45) - Tips for staying current on the latest trends and news

(21:43) - End

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