Melmac Dinnerware, Old Jewelry Boxes and Antique Knobs Repurposed into Home Decor

Retro Chalet : Living A Vintage Life

Jul 10 2021 • 39 mins

Melmac Attack! Retro Chalet's Living a Vintage Life episode 1 is a raw uncut podcast  which encompasses vintage and living retro in your daily life!  This episode talks about the history and world of retro Melmac dinnerware dating back to the Melmac trade name by America Cyanamid.  Brought to you by Editor of Melmac Central .   It also talks about the value of melmac dinnerware, allure of vintage wooden jewelry boxes and ideas for repurposing old hardware valves and knobs into your home! I also realized I can't pronounce the word nostalgia and was a little nervous but oh well I did it!

Living a Vintage Life encompasses:

  • Living Vintage through antiques and used goods creating a greener environment one item at a time!
  • Recycling, repurposing old items into your home and how to use them in decor.
  • Vintage Finds, collecting trends and history of antique items.

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