Collecting Fire King and Pyrex and Plastic Bag Rugs

Retro Chalet : Living A Vintage Life

Aug 28 2021 • 31 mins

In this episode we get into the wonders of old borosilicate glassware , bakeware and fired on ware such as Pyrex, Fire King .  Why has this stood the test of time in the collectibles market?

Instagram Pictures of vintage Pyrex:

We also talk about plastic rag rugs, which are actually made from plastic bags, hence the name Plastic Bag Rugs.    These are a great way to repurpose plastic bread bags and make a great focal point in the vintage home. I found a vintage one at an antique mall, and also bought one on Etsy from BLWworld

TikTok Video of Plastic bag Rugs

or see them on Instagram here.

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