Public Defender

Hashing Out the Law

Feb 11 2021 • 29 mins

Welcome to Season 3 of Hashing Out the Law. I am your host Arash Hashemi.

Throughout my career I have been asked a lot of questions and heard a lot of comments about public defenders. It amazes me how little people know or think they know about public defenders. So, I decided to invite my friend and colleague Jacqueline Davalos, who is a real life public defender, to come on the podcast and set the record straight.

Jacqueline Davalos is an experienced trial attorney with over 8 years of jury trial and litigation experience handling thousands of cases with favorable results. Ms. Davalos has worked as a deputy public defender for several years, working with our society’s most vulnerable population. She zealously and confidently negotiates with prosecutors and judges to secure the best outcome for her clients.

Having worked as an immigration attorney also provides Ms. Davalos specialized knowledge to strategically navigate the criminal justice system to mitigate immigration consequences stemming from criminal charges.

Ms. Davalos has extensive jury trial experience obtaining acquittals in several California counties. She has handled cases involving gang shootings, robbery, drug sales, sexual assaults, attempted murder, assaults with a deadly weapon, hit and runs, bank robberies, carjacking, evading, DUIs, elder abuse, animal neglect, welfare fraud, domestic violence, firearm and drug possession, street racing, battery, burglary, auto theft and more. She has successfully obtained dismissals in felony and misdemeanor cases for lack of evidence, lack of a speedy trial and by providing additional, exonerating evidence to the prosecutor. In addition, she has been successful in suppressing evidence that was illegally seized by law enforcement resulting in forced dismissals of cases.

*Disclaimer - The materials on this Podcast are for informational purposes only and are not legal advice. You should not act or rely on any information from this Podcast without seeking advice from an attorney licensed to practice law in your jurisdiction. Neither the Podcast nor use of information from the Podcast creates an attorney-client relationship.