#005 Jordan Jewell: What should businesses prioritize in the era of profitability?

World of Commerce

Apr 27 2023 • 34 mins

If 2020 was the era of growth at all costs in ecommerce, 2023 is the era of profitability. Over the last year, companies have had to shift their focus from balancing hyper-growth to meet high demand to balancing out investments that help them meet their bottom line. Having started IDC’s commerce practice as a digital commerce analyst, Jordan Jewell, now Analyst in Residence at VTEX, has established what he believes to be the trifecta for profitability: 1) Make inventory and fulfillment your strength, 2) Focus on existing customers instead of customer acquisition, 3) Engage with customers in new ways. Listen in to hear examples of what these steps toward profitability look like in practice.