Is Fatherhood Broken? A Father’s Confession

Fatha Torch

Sep 4 2022 • 32 mins

Episode 1 If you're looking for a way to be self-aware, become more emotionally available to your children and heal from a broken relationship with your own father than the Fatha Torch podcast is for you.

Rah discusses how the concept of being "broken" can lead to a path of self-destruction and how to avoid pitfalls of fatherhood. Through his story you'll realize that fatherhood is not broken, but the traditions of fatherhood have been gravely destroyed.

Here's a breakdown of what is covered: [00:00:01] - Comparing yourself to your father. [00:01:55] - Is fatherhood broken? [00:07:00] - Lessons from being a young father of nine. [00:15:38] - The mindset of broken.

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