KidNuz: News for Kids

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KidNuz: Kids deserve a daily newscast all their own. Kickstart their morning with 7 minutes of timely, unbiased, and age-appropriate stories from politics, entertainment, science, health, and sports. Professionally written, professionally delivered by 4 Emmy-winning journalists who also happen to be moms. Listen in five days a week, starting at 7 am. read less

Our Editor's Take

KidNuz is an age-appropriate children's podcast that allows children to learn in a safe and fun way. Kids are born curious about the world and what happens around them. They have a strong desire to learn about almost everything they encounter. They may appreciate the stories on this podcast.

Few news podcasts talk about current events in a child-friendly way. KidNuz is one of them. This podcast allows children to learn about today's top stories in an appropriate way. Along the way, kids can develop critical thinking skills as well.

KidNuz was the idea of four professional journalists. Several members of the team who present and host the show have won Emmy awards for their work in journalism. The primary founder of the podcast, Tori Campbell, is a cohost as well as a writer. She has been a professional journalist for decades and has won many awards throughout that time. Before the podcast, she hosted news programs in several big markets.

The other cohost for KidNuz is another one of its creators, Kimberly Hunter. She is an Emmy-award journalist who was a correspondent for CNN. Hunter has also worked for local TV as an on-air reporter as well.

The KidNuz podcast talks about a variety of interesting stories for kids. A rhino recovery, a story about Oreos, or a teen soccer sensation are all likely to appear on this podcast.

Each episode of this podcast is only six minutes long. Though short, the KidNuz episodes have a lot of good information for kids.

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