The Diaries of Space Explorers Season 2 | Episode 9: The Global Affairs of the Space Sector (Charity Weeden)

The Diaries of Space Explorers

Apr 4 2022 • 51 mins

Nations and governments all have their personal agenda's when it comes to space exploration. Some want to see more spaceflight launches, while others want to see how the space sector contributes back to the community. At the same time, nations discuss growing issues that will impact the space sector, in particular how Earth's low orbit is becoming littered with active, decommissioned, and pieces of satellites and space debris.

Space explorer Charity Weeden, takes myself on a journey about how she found her path to space through the Royal Canadian Airforce, her work on space debris mitigation, and space policy and global affairs.

Charity Weeden is the Astroscale U.S. VP of Global Space Policy and Government Relations. Charity received her bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada and her Master of Science in space science from the University of North Dakota. Charity’s role involves coordinating and synchronizing Astroscales global policy efforts towards spaceflight safety to achieve and ensure long-term space sustainability. Charity has had an incredible journey in the field of space, from spending 23 years in the Royal Canadian Air Force, being the Senior Director of Policy at the Satellite Industry Association and starting a consulting business to support and grow the space industry. Charity stands for space sustainability and becoming a role model for many people in the space sector and has worked with international partners and nations to understand the issues surrounding spaceflight and exploration, in particular the growing concern of space debris.

If you would like to learn more about Charity’s work, check out her Astroscale info on the company website or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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