Unexplainable takes listeners right up to the edge of what we know ... and then keeps right on going. This Vox podcast explores scientific mysteries, unanswered questions, and all the things we learn by diving into the unknown. New episodes every Wednesday. read less

Our Editor's Take

Unexplainable is a science podcast designed to explore unknown mysteries about the world. It's hosted by Noam Hassenfeld. Joining him is a team of producers and reporters, including cocreator Brian Resnick.

Each episode of Unexplainable introduces topics listeners should find familiar. Episodes could be on anything from hiccups to the solar system. Noam then delves into the unanswered questions about each subject. Along with science experts, he seeks to unearth new information and fascinating insights.

The episode "Talking Trees" follows the theory that trees can communicate with each other across their network of roots. Listeners will hear from experts who have studied trees and fungi and how they connect. How does this relationship work? And are these plants talking to each other? The Unexplainable podcast explains these things.

One "Origins" episode on the Unexplainable podcast investigates the creation of the first living thing. Reporter Byrd Pinkerton talks to science writer Michael Marshall to find out more. The idea is whether a lab can recreate early life to learn more about the Earth's origins. Byrd also talks to two astrobiologists. They are working to discover evidence for life elsewhere in the universe.

From outer space to food allergies, Unexplainable investigates all areas of science. It asks simple questions. Does a vine that copies other plants have eyes? If not, how does it copy them? What did dinosaurs sound like? And can people communicate with ghosts?

The Unexplainable podcast questions scientific findings in great depth. When NASA reveals images taken by the James Webb space telescope, the show wants to know more. What makes the telescope so powerful? How does it assemble itself in space? And what is its purpose?

Another episode reveals the manipulation of evidence within an Alzheimer's study. What does this mean for the findings? How do the families of Alzheimer's patients feel? The podcast team investigates.

Unexplainable reviews and questions scientific findings and discoveries with a fresh perspective. Listeners may learn more about the world and what they thought they knew about it. It's educational and thought-provoking, with new episodes delivered every week.

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