Blurry Creatures

Blurry Creatures

Blurry Creatures chases down answers for the weird questions and enigmatic creatures that inhabit the fringes between reality, myth, and imagination. Join podcast veterans Nate Henry and Luke Rodgers as they investigate Bigfoot, Ancient Giants, Cryptids, The Nephilim, The Watchers, Ancient Burial Mounds, Forbidden History, Megaliths, Conspiracy Theories, Dogman, Mothman, The UFO Phenomenon, Extraterrestrials, and The Unexplained. read less

Our Editor's Take

The Blurry Creatures podcast is on a mission to unearth the truth about mysterious creatures. The podcast hosts are Nathan "Nate" Henry and Luke Rodgers. Both are passionate about the topic and excited to learn more.

Blurry Creatures cohost Nate is a musician who has spent ten years fascinated by Bigfoot. As soon as he felt scared to enter the woods, he realized it was because he believed in the existence of Bigfoot. This realization led him to explore other creatures, from Dogman to giants. Nate's cohost Luke has spent years as a sports reporter and podcaster. He started the podcast with Nate in 2020, both excited to go on an expedition together to learn more.

Their podcast name Blurry Creatures has many meanings. The label "blurry" describes creatures that science doesn't recognize. These creatures seem to blur the lines between what might exist and what doesn't. It also refers to the fact that most documentation of these creatures is blurry. Both hosts describe this as a frustrating part of their adventure. They also understand how fear and adrenaline can lead to shaky hands and blurry photos.

Throughout the series, Nate and Luke seek answers. They invite various guest experts on the show to ask them what they think. The late Joe Taylor joined them for several episodes, which they rereleased in memory of his passing. He was an avid investigator of a creature known as the Mothman. So he shared his encounters on the Blurry Creatures podcast.

When UFO sightings made the news, Timothy Alberino joined for an episode. He's an explorer and filmmaker fascinated by mysterious creatures and hidden treasures. Tim joins to talk about what he sees as a potential threat-gray aliens. Nate and Luke quiz him on possible government conspiracy and his thoughts on UFOs.

Blurry Creatures is a thought-provoking series of discovery and mystery. The hosts are passionate about understanding more about the mysterious world around them. Expert guests include Skywatch TV host Derek Gilbert and researcher Dr. Judd Burton. Episodes are weekly, and there are several hundred to explore.

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