Scaling Your Creative Business | MMCB Episode 5 w/Lorraine Kamesha

Minding My Creative Business Podcast

Feb 5 2024 • 51 mins


Welcome to another insightful episode of the "Minding My Creative Business" podcast! I'm thrilled to share this valuable interview with Lorraine Kamesha, a seasoned entrepreneur and creative professional who has mastered the art of scaling creative businesses. If you're a creative entrepreneur eager to take your venture to new heights, you're in for a treat. In this article, we'll dive deep into Lorraine's wisdom and experiences, exploring the keys to growing and sustaining a flourishing creative enterprise.

Creators Bio:

Lorraine Kamesha is a name synonymous with success in the creative business world. Her journey from aspiring creative to accomplished entrepreneur is an inspiration to many. Through her extensive experience, she has built a thriving creative enterprise and is dedicated to sharing her knowledge with fellow creatives.

Key Takeaways:

* Transitioning to Leadership: Lorraine emphasizes the crucial transition from a hands-on creator to a visionary leader. Learn how to step into this role effectively and guide your business to success.

* Delegation and Systematization: Discover the art of delegation and systemization. Lorraine explains how these processes are essential for streamlining your creative business and allowing it to thrive.

* Empowering Your Team: One of the keys to success is empowering your team to make decisions. Lorraine's insights into nurturing a collaborative and empowered work environment are invaluable.

Step-by-Step Process:

Step 1: Transitioning to Leadership

* Understand the shift from creator to leader.

* Develop a clear vision for your business.

Step 2: Delegation and Systemization

* Identify tasks that can be delegated.

* Implement systems to streamline processes.

Step 3: Empowering Your Team

* Foster open communication and idea sharing.

* Encourage your team to take ownership of their work.

Quotes from Lorraine:

Lorraine Kamesha on delegation: "Delegating tasks effectively is like greasing the wheels of your business. It allows everything to run smoothly."

Lorraine Kamesha on collaboration: "Innovation often arises from the cross-pollination of ideas. Encourage collaboration, and watch your business thrive."

Resources Mentioned:

* Visit the podcast's website to join the Creatives Corner community and access additional resources.

Expert Advice:

As someone deeply passionate about creative entrepreneurship, my personal advice is to embrace change and innovation. The creative business landscape is ever-evolving, and being adaptable is key. Listen to your audience, stay true to your vision, and never stop learning. Your journey, much like Lorraine's, can be a remarkable one.


Q1: How can I effectively transition from being a creator to a leader in my creative business? A1: Start by defining your business's vision and values. Then, delegate tasks that don't align with this vision, and focus on guiding your team toward achieving your creative goals.

Q2: What role does collaboration play in scaling a creative business? A2: Collaboration fuels innovation. Encourage your team to share ideas and work together. It can lead to fresh perspectives and solutions that drive growth.

Q3: What should I do if my creative business goes viral unexpectedly? A3: Be prepared to handle increased demand. Ensure your systems, team, and customer support can handle the influx. Use the opportunity to strengthen your brand.

Q4: Where can I find more resources related to scaling my creative business? A4: Visit to access additional resources and join the Creatives Corner community.

Q5: How can I leave a review for the "Minding My Creative Business" podcast? A5: You can leave a review on your preferred podcast platform, sharing your thoughts and feedback with the...