Redefining Chronic Pain Management: A Deep Dive with Kathy Hubble, Founder of Amelio Health

Conversations on Wellbeing at Work

Nov 14 2023 • 31 mins

Can you imagine a world where chronic pain doesn't dictate your daily life and work routine?  That's the reality we strive to understand in our fascinating conversation with the founder of Amelio Health, Kathy Hubble.

Chronic pain is a silent epidemic, quietly causing worldwide disability and impacting individuals, their families, and workplaces. Not only does it disrupt lives, but it also presents a significant financial burden on employers and healthcare systems globally. Together we peel back the layers of this complex topic, delving into the far-reaching effects of chronic pain and its subjective nature and its links to loneliness and grief.

Join us for a broad discussion of chronic pain management, acknowledging the inherent problems with opioid reliance and exploring the potential dangers of cannabis and alcohol use for pain relief.  We also uncover strategies for holistic pain management, centered on mindfulness and personal values.

The second half of our journey with Kathy pivots towards the power of self-management and well-being, underlining the importance of listening to our inner voices and understanding our needs. We also discuss the role of technological aids, like wearables, in tracking our progress and the surprising links between pain, loneliness, and grief.

This episode is a vital exploration, essential for anyone battling chronic pain or supporting a loved one through this journey. Tune in and empower yourself with a refreshed understanding and a new approach to chronic pain.

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