The Werewolf of Moorton Series Ep. 01: Once Upon a Time | Fearmort Podcast by Freddy's Swamp

Fearmort Podcast

Feb 2 2024 • 10 mins

Embark on a chilling journey with the first episode of the twelve-episode series The Werewolf of Moorton, exclusively on the Fearmort Podcast. Uncover the haunting secrets of Moorton's past, where history intertwines with eerie present-day occurrences. Delve into the dark, unexplained mysteries hidden in the town's heritage, as revealed by the Moorton Heritage Centre's manager. As Moorton shrouds itself in whispers of animal attacks and ghostly howls, the line between myth and reality blurs. Are these just stories, or is there truth to the werewolf legend haunting the town? Tune in for a spine-tingling werewolf horror story that will leave you questioning the shadows. Don't miss this enthralling blend of creepypasta and dogman horror story, where every twist is a step deeper into the unknown. Give this scary story a listen and more werewolf horror stories coming next week.


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