Episode 3.2 - Applying Surprise

Startup Survival Podcast

Jan 25 2022 • 41 mins

Why is surprise such a powerful emotion and how can you use it in your work to attract customers and build brand loyalty?

In this episode, listen to the charismatic Dr Claire Hookham explain how to create lasting surprise that works with customers and consumers.

Dr Hookham worked at and completed a PhD with one of the world's leading entertainment brands. Her insightful experience allows her to share and explain how authentic surprise is created and how the creation of this emotion impacts future behaviour.

Full of energy and ideas, this episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking to develop their creative thinking skills.

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A bit of podcast author background...

UK-based Peter Harrington set up his first business following graduation in York in 1989. He has since started and grown several companies in various sectors including research, marketing, design, print, educational software and consultancy. Over the last 30+ years, Peter has employed over 1,000 people and experienced many highs and a few lows including burglaries, floods, fire and of course the most recent pandemic.

As well as being the CEO with the SimVenture team, Peter is also an Entrepreneur in Residence at London South Bank University.

Big thanks to LSE Generate, the SimVenture Team and Seajam Moths for supporting the Startup Survival Podcast.

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