How hemp boosts social action and helps people find their purpose with Saif Bhoja, Huriah Hemp

Make An Impact Podcast

Apr 23 2021 • 24 mins

Saif Bhoja is founder of Huriah Hemp CIC, a youth-led organisation selling hemp and organic cotton products to businesses and consumers. It uses the sales to drive its social mission, empowering young people's creativity and self-esteem.

Social action helps young people position themselves in the world  and identify their purpose and the path they want to take, says Saif. When he was younger it was difficult to pursue his interests in creativity, environmental advocacy or any kind of voluntary or community work. So he created opportunities for himself and other young people.

This fascinating interview also covers creative design, the distinction between tangible gains and purpose, how social action helps people understand what's happening in the world, tools to measure impact, lessons learned in social enterprise, and the environmental benefits of using hemp for clothing.

What next

  • Visit Huriah Hemp CIC online and on Instagram and Twitter
  • Saif also mentioned Social Ark, which helps young people develop businesses
  • Heidi's new book shares everything she knows about impact measurement and management – and how to implement it in your organisation. Order your copy of Impact First – The Social Entrepreneur's Guide to Measuring, Managing and Growing Your Impact at https://www.makeanimpactcic.co.uk/my-book-impact-first