How GI Joe Influenced Scientific Innovation interview with Tom Finn & Stefan Lukianov

Talent Empowerment with Tom Finn

Feb 2 2023 • 38 mins

The cartoon villain Serpentor influenced eight-year-old Stefan who grew up to found Salve therapeutics, a gene therapy company. Stefan Lukianov explains the role of technology in scientific innovation and the implications of using CAD designs in biology.

Talking Points:

{01:16} How GI Joe influenced Stefan.

{04:00} The story of Salve Therapeutics

{06:15} Technology in Scientific Innovation

{08:00} How does Salve Therapeutics affect the people in America?

{10:10} The implications of using CAD designs in biology.

{26:45} Best place to go for resources on this topic.

Stefan N. Lukianov Bio:

Stefan N. Lukianov is the Founder/CEO of Salve Therapeutics, Inc., and an MA student in the Biotechnology Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Program at Johns Hopkins University. His company builds new viral-mediated therapies using computational tools. He has two BS degrees from the University of Maine (2006), an MS from the University of Pittsburgh (2013), and an AM from Harvard University (2019). He enjoys art, reading, sports, and nature.

Resources and Links:

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