Strengthen Customer Engagement through Digital Transformation with Susan P. Roberts, Head of Strategy and Transformation at John Hancock

Life Accelerated

Dec 13 2023 • 25 mins

John Hancock holds a distinguished position in the wealth and asset management space and offers a range of life insurance products exclusively through intermediaries. With over 160 years of experience, John Hancock is committed to delivering products that are easy to buy and enjoyable to own.

Susan P. Roberts, the Head of Strategy and Transformation at John Hancock, joined the Life Accelerated podcast to discuss the digital journey of John Hancock and the pivotal role digitalization plays in shaping the life insurance industry. Through the lens of behavioral insurance, Susan shares how digital transformation is redefining the insurer-policyholder relationship and championing the mission to help customers lead longer, healthier lives.

Tune in to glean actionable strategies, innovative approaches, and thought leadership of the transformative landscape of digitalization within the life insurance domain from Susan P. Roberts.

Key Takeaways:

  • Placing policyholders, caregivers, and distribution partners at the center of digital initiation for a seamless, personalized experience.

  • Foster a spirit of innovation by leveraging behavioral insurance to drive meaningful interactions with customers.

  • Prioritize data to build tailored experiences for customers across their interactions with your company with foundational digital strategies.


[00:00] Introduction to the episode

[01:43] Breakdown of John Hancock’s role in today’s market

[02:49] Susan’s role at John Hancock and career background

[05:35] How and why John Hancock is digitizing the insurance experience

[10:56] The underlying foundation of digital transformation

[11:53] Focus on personalized digital experiences for policyholders

[14:46] Educating and engaging customers with a digitalized behavioral insurance approach

[17:59] Exploration of how generative AI shapes customer service

[19:22] The mission of John Hancock

[20:16] John Hancock grows talent and partnerships to expand

[22:08] How prioritizing customer needs leads to strategic decision-making

[24:13] Closing


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