The Nation's Go-To Personal Injury Lawyer: Kevin Rowe and His Nationwide Lerner & Rowe Team

The Attorney Post - If you don't know your rights, you don't have any!

May 24 2023 • 1 hr 40 mins

Your Personal Injury Guardians Nationwide: Lerner & Rowe – Ensuring Justice Across the US

In the podcast, The Attorney Post, Kevin Rowe, the co-founder of Lerner and Rowe, provides in-depth insights into his experience as a personal injury lawyer and his firm's dedicated advocacy for their clients. He introduces his firm's approach to personal injury lawsuits, discussing an array of cases, including spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and broken bones. Rowe highlights a recent case where the firm secured a policy limit tender of $100,000 for a client, emphasizing this as a significant victory.

Rowe also opens up about his personal life and professional journey. He expresses his desire for approachability and comfort, for both his clients and his team. He shares about his unique "elevator pitch" approach where he strives to build a connection by asking questions and learning more about the person.

He talks about his firm's commercials, including Super Bowl and other fun commercials, where he's asked if he could sing the firm's jingle. He touches on the importance of contingency fee agreements, where the firm takes on all the risk and only gets paid if they win the case, reducing financial barriers for clients seeking legal representation.

Kevin explains the struggle of fighting against insurance companies, mentioning how the firm filed over 130 lawsuits in a 24-month period against one company, emphasizing the firm's dedication to getting settlements for their clients. He also emphasizes the importance of empathy and compassion in personal injury law, essential traits in his journey to becoming a lawyer.

He describes his unsure beginnings in college and his father's influence, his experience starting a law firm, and his exposure to settling things out and working with insurance companies. He briefly discusses the role of AI and the future of law, referring to predictions made by IBM Watson. Rowe also clarifies common misconceptions in personal injury law, and he recounts his personal failures and learning experiences in his practice, as well as successes in personal injury cases.

Finally, Kevin Rowe reveals his commitment to philanthropy and community service, mentioning the foundation he started in 2008. He details the success of a fundraising event where they managed to raise over $1.1 million for their 10th anniversary, exceeding their initial goal. The funds will go towards helping other organizations in the community. As the interview concludes, Kevin calls for kindness amidst the current chaotic times. He also discusses potential changes to laws and issues with social media and big pharma, leaving listeners with tips for working with people.