Creating a cannabis beverage company with Good Feels Founder & CEO, Jason Reposa

Lit Up Founders

Dec 22 2022 • 1 hr 27 mins

For a large part of his early life, today's guest lived in the shadow of his very popular, but very different, older brother. It wasn't until he found his passion for technology in high school, something he found an immediate aptitude for, did he start to come into his own identity, and gain the confidence to pursue his own path in life.

Entering technology just post the dot com bubble was humbling. From working on innovative projects to, having to say yes to anything, even gig-economy moving jobs, he did what it took to survive another day.

Many years later, a stressful exit from a technology company he co-founded coupled with a physically demanding high-altitude hiking trip, caused a lot of compound health issues to come to the surface. With traditional western approaches not working, a podcast on the healing powers of cannabis piqued his interest; our gust decided to revisit the plant. After a lot of exploration, coupled with his natural tendency to dive deep, he eventually found his cure.

With his health on the mend, his exit complete, a lot of deep knowledge of the cannabis plant, a working product, a proven but under-supplied product category, and the funds to get it off the ground; the door was wide open for this next adventure in entrepreneurship.

Please enjoy the Founder's Journey of creating a cannabis beverage company with Jason Reposa of Good Feels

Professional Summary:

Jason Reposa is a lifelong dreamer and the Founder and CEO of Good Feels. The mantra ‘Do No Harm’ has become the guiding principle that steers his serial entrepreneurism after 20+ years of experience in software development and as the lead developer of multiple nationally-recognized brands. Jason transitioned into the cannabis industry two years ago to address personal ailments and is now focused on spreading Good Feels to all. His tenacity to overcome challenges comes in part from his mother who immigrated from Honduras when she was 16 without knowing how to speak English. Growing up in a family without a lot of technology, Jason found himself doing whatever he could to get his hands on old computers. Later he would graduate with a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and become a professor of computer programming. Jason has developed his skills as an innovator and leader in two CTO positions. Jason co-founded the personal finance tool MyBankTracker as their CTO before transitioning to CEO. He also co-founded the digital product agency AD:60, which developed products for Stash, Christie’s, Nutrisystem, Songza, and many more. Each month Jason volunteers time on the Medway Energy and Sustainability Committee (MESC) in his hometown where he’s a resource to many locals on recycling. He is also a proud husband and father of three children. From his very first lemonade stand to becoming a 2nd time CEO, Jason has always pushed himself to become a better technologist, business leader, and creator of positive change.

Company Summary:

Good Feels brings people together with their fast-acting line of ready-to-drink cannabis-infused seltzers and go-anywhere beverage enhancers. An alternative to alcohol, smoking, and vaping, Good Feels products have zero sugar, and zero calories and are flavored with essential oils from real fruit. Good Feels uses 100% renewable energy in its carbon-neutral facility. As a Massachusetts Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Good Feels is committed to social equity and has a company minimum wage of $20/hour. Learn more about Good Feels products and values at or follow us on Instagram,