Episode 53 - Recessions and Real Estate over the Years

The FasterFreedom Show: Passive Income Through Real Estate Investing

Jan 18 2023 • 27 mins

Did you know that recessions have little or no correlation to the real estate market? There’s so much fear on social media regarding whether we are or aren’t in a recession — and why, therefore, it’s not wise to be investing in real estate.

Sam and Lucas are going old school on this episode of The FasterFreedom Show. They're dropping the knowledge by giving us a FasterFreedom history lesson on, you guessed it, the history of US recessions!

What we learn is that recessions happen. They’re cyclical. What happens, though, if you follow the numbers, is that real estate goes up like crazy between recessions, so it's still a good, resilient investment to make. So actually, none of what we’re experiencing now in the markets is new — it’s just packaged differently.

Now then, what should you be looking at as your next investment? Where’s the opportunity? Sam and Lucas teach us to be greedy when other people are fearful — and vice versa. Join the FasterFreedom Show for some fascinating historical perspectives, and learn how to play ‘The Net Worth Game.’ Please join us!

“The last six months, all you hear is ‘the recession is coming, the recession is coming.’ Bro, we’re in the recession.”
- Lucas Walls

“Winter is coming. It’s like Game of Thrones.”
- Sam Primm

In this Episode:

-A brief history of US recessions

-How much was the cost of an average house in the US in 1975?

-What happened in the 1980 recession?

-What happens when interest rates go up to fight inflation?

-What was the price of real estate in the 1982 recession?

-What are the signs that point to inflation?

-What caused the recession in the early 2000s?

-The ‘dotcom bubble’ bursting and 9/11's impact

-Surviving 2008 to 2010

-When was the best time in history to get into real estate?

-What do Sam and Lucas think of Warren Buffett?

-Playing the Net Worth Game

-How much are Ellen DeGeneres and Steve Harvey worth?

And more!

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