Pastoring and Guiding People in Their Spiritual Journey with Justin Kendrick

Seek Go Create

Mar 21 2022 • 1 hr 1 min

As human beings, it’s natural for us to want to be happy and successful. We work hard to achieve our goals and dreams to give ourselves the life we always wanted. We strive to build good and loving relationships in order to feel comfort in the company of others. However, we must realize that genuine success and happiness can only be obtained from a definite source— God’s love for us. In this episode, we are joined by Justin Kendrick, the lead pastor in Vox Church, to talk about the ups and downs of leading a ministry through a pandemic and everyday life. He also shares how practicing and prioritizing his faith has made him a better leader and person. Justin also tells us about his new book, Bury Your Ordinary. The book talks about how we can turn acts of obligation into acts of love and encourage growth into our own spiritual journey.  If you want to find out how your faith can make a difference in your capability and mindset as a leader, then this episode is for you. 3 Reasons to Listen:Learn how to connect to God amidst the noises of everyday life. Understand leadership from a spiritual perspective. Discover how an honest portrayal of self can change the way you lead. ResourcesBury Your Ordinary: Practical Habits of a Heart Fully Alive: (Website) l (Amazon) l (Barnes and Noble)  Free Resources from Bury Your Ordinary (here) (Bury Your Ordinary Eight Sermon Series) Vox Church: (Website) (Episode Details) Episode Highlights[03:09] People’s First Impressions Of JustinGrowing up in a culturally Catholic area in New England, people didn’t know what becoming a pastor meant. Many are surprised upon finding out that Justin is married with children. When he’s traveling outside of New England, Justin encounters unique conversations with people trying to prove their faith to him.  Some people do not favor Justin being a pastor due to their previous experience with the church.  It disarms some people when he agrees with them.  [06:24] Difference between being a Pastor and a ShepherdIn the Bible, these two words are used interchangeably to describe a leader in the church in a governmental way.  Shepherding or pastoring means guiding someone along their spiritual journey towards Jesus.  Being a pastor means living out your convictions to people; from your flaws to your successes.  As a pastor, Justin recognizes that living out his most honest version of himself disarms and helps people. The journey of God’s Grace is transformative.   [10:30] Vox Church and its Origin New England is historically known as the least churched region in the United States over the last 75 years.  The Vox Church’s name comes from John 5:25. Despite our disconnection from God, we can hear His voice to our inner selves and we come alive. [12:20] "The spiritually dead, every one of us that has an innate desire for God, but a disconnection from him because of our brokenness, because of our sinfulness, now with God’s Grace can be reborn, we can hear His voice, we can experience that mystery of regeneration." - (Click Here to Tweet This)The Vox Church’s prayer for the past 10 years is to transform New England into the most spiritually vibrant place on Earth.  The community started small in New Haven, and then expanded to nine different locations across New England and Connecticut, Massachusetts.  The intentional community paradigm is following Jesus’ mission — radically loving and...