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The Smart Money Gal

Nov 9 2020 • 30 mins

In her inaugural episode, Jennifer Perri provides a 10,000ft view of her life, personal career, and the factors that led her to become "The Smart Money Gal." Jennifer brings over 15 years of industry experience to the podcast, sharing her insights on smart financial decisions that position individuals for successful retirements and fruitful lives.

As Founder and CEO of Swan Financial Advisors, Jennifer works with women to help them transition from a place of financial trauma to financial triumph. By equipping these women with the necessary tools to bolster their bank accounts, Jennifer is ultimately empowering people to make smart financial decisions, throughout the remainder of their lives, for both themselves and their families.

Tune in and allow Jennifer to debunk some financial myths lead you down the road to financial security.


00:45 - Introduction to the podcast and Smart Money Gal brand

03:45 - We are a women-focused financial advisory firm

08:11 - Men used to dominate the financial space, but not anymore

10:37 - The unique set of challenges women face financially

15:00 - You need to financially prepare to live a long life

19:00 - Don't ever be forced to make a financial decision out of fear

22:50 - It's never too early to seek professional financial guidance

26:45 - Too many people don't have an established retirement savings plan

28:50 - Pick up the phone and give me a call

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