Mindset, Community, and Taking Action: Empowering Women for Positive Changes

I Am Unbreakable™

Oct 16 2023 • 32 mins

I had an amazing episode with Siobhan Calderbank, the managing director of talent at Aimco, about her journey, struggles, and passion for empowering women. Discover how she overcame obstacles and became a powerful leader who advocates for inclusivity and flexibility in the workplace.

In Episode #31, Siobhan shares amazing strategies for navigating challenges, emphasizing priorities and self-care. She highlights the power of meditation, positive affirmations, and the ability to find relaxation by snuggling with her partner while watching a movie.

This was such an amazing interview, and I absolutely love Siobhan’s outlook on the importance of mindset and belief in oneself, as well as the power of community for a women's success. She is all about open and authentic conversations because it is then that we can break barriers, find support, and create positive changes.

My passion for helping others learn and grow is what drives me. Overcoming challenges has made me stronger and more determined to remove barriers and make opportunities accessible to all~Siobhan

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