118. Higher Self Habits Series | Part 4: Activate

inhabit with Alessia Citro & Friends

Apr 23 2024 • 33 mins

Join Alessia Citro in this transformative episode of "Activate," where you'll explore the powerful world of behavior design and learn how to harness your habits for unstoppable momentum. Discover the secret to creating 'domino habits' that cascade positive changes throughout your life. Alessia breaks down the ACTS framework—Ambition, Capability, Trigger, Satisfaction—to make habit formation not just a goal, but a natural part of your daily life.

This episode is packed with actionable insights, real-life examples, and Alessia’s raw, unedited delivery that brings an authentic touch to her guidance. Whether you're looking to overcome personal barriers or implement small changes with big impacts, this discussion will provide you the tools you need to thrive.

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  • [00:00] Introduction: Overview of the 'Higher Self Habit Series', focusing on behavior design and activation. Reminder to listen to the first three parts for better context.

  • [00:51] Overview of series progression: Awareness, Alignment, Audit, Activation.

  • [02:09] Introduction to 'behavior design' and the concept of 'domino habits', highlighting personal changes after quitting drinking.

  • [05:59] Explanation of the ACTS framework for behavior design: Ambition, Capability, Trigger, and Satisfaction.

  • [10:01] Discussion on overcoming small frictions in habits, using shoulder pain and foam rolling as an example.

  • [19:10] Personal moment with Alessia's daughter illustrating daily life interjections.

  • [23:19] Importance of triggers in habit formation, exemplified by missing a package delivery.

  • [25:41] Role of satisfaction in reinforcing habits immediately after actions.

  • [29:25] Conclusion: Emphasizing practical steps in behavior design over reliance on ambition.

  • [32:39] Closing remarks and preview of the next episode on Ascend and Amplify.

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