153: The Real Jason Duncan | How to Exit without Exiting Your Business

The Camilita® Podcast

Mar 7 2023 • 33 mins

Fear never leads to any place that's worth going. Be honest with yourself and prepare the company for what comes next and how you want to work less, make more and have more choices.

Jason is a successful educator-turned-entrepreneur who has developed a passion for investing in people, businesses, and ideas. He is especially gifted as a teacher and uses those skills to teach entrepreneurs how to move out of owner-operator status into owner-investor status. He still holds a license as a teacher and school administrator even though he no longer works the school system.He owns nine companies that are involved in everything from ecommerce to consulting services to real estate holdings.

As a former pastor, Jason also acts as a spiritual advisor to many of his clients that he coaches and trains. He holds a B.S. in Ministry from Amridge University (2001), a M.A. in Learning & Teaching from Lipscomb University (2007), and a Certificate in School Leadership, Lipscomb University (2009). Jason is the host of The Root of All Success podcast, which is syndicated on the c-Suite Radio Network. On the podcast he interviews extremely successful entrepreneurs about their keys to entrepreneurial success.

Jason is a member of several private and public professional organizations whose focus is on business growth, personal and professional development, and wealth generation. In 2014, he won the Rising Star Award from the Tennessee Small Business Development Center, was nominated in the Nashville Business Journal’s Sumner County Impact Awards, and 2015.

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