S11 E2 Your Mess-To-Success Story and Finding The Gold In Your Hard-Earned Wisdom with the Influencers Formula with Donna Kunde & Ben Gioia (“joya”)

The Influencers Formula

Oct 20 2022 • 12 mins

Did you know? 87% of entrepreneurs don’t even make six figures. Because they never learned how to stand out with a story that inspires others to say “YES!”

There is REAL GOLD in this mess-to-success method because everyone loves to hear stories of triumph and overcoming challenges. It permits others to do the same.

The easiest way to create empathy and connect with your ideal audience & partners is by sharing your story (and remember to ask for theirs).

Here’s how to easily craft your mess-to-success story in 5 simples steps:

  1. Success today (snapshot)
  2. Wasn’t always like this
  3. Rock bottom into a turning point
  4. Getting better & people starting to ask for help
  5. Back to success today and here’s how I help people

[TAKE ACTION] Because we’re all about building your business —13 minutes at a time — start thinking about your hard-earned wisdom and write it down (or dictate). Please share in the comments below. Now, mark your calendars so you don’t miss an episode!

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Each week we will walk through an easy-to-follow, proven, plug-and-play way to get YOUR podcast done, 13 minutes at a time, in just 13 weeks.

So follow the formula each week. And welcome to the show.


Ben Gioia ("joya")

Book Coach, Strategist, and Publishing Advisor

Ben Gioia ("joya") is a three-time, best-selling author, podcast, and international radio show host. He’s trained millionaires at Stanford and helped a Fortune 100 company elevate culture by creating an empathy video game for 20,000 employees. Ben makes it easy — for coaches, consultants, speakers, and small business owners — to get their book done in as little as 5 weeks!

From there, it’s making an impact as a unique expert, enjoying 5-figure speaking fees, and getting clients & partners BEFORE they’re published! With 38 years of writing adventures, Ben helped launch the world’s largest magazine (AARP) and his teachings are used by more than 50,000 people worldwide.

Donna Kunde

Global Radio Authority & Podcast Expert, IBGR Co-Founder

Donna Kunde is a podcast host & radio personality who has produced almost 14,000 podcasts, while elevating businesses, with more than 300,000 downloads (to date). So with her own international business radio station (and network), Donna is amplifying more than 70 experts (in 14 countries), reaching listeners in more than 180 countries, and delivering worldwide transformation, every single day. Donna is all about taking proven wisdom and applying it, 13 minutes at a time. Then turning that into a podcast AND book, in just 20 weeks. (It’s called the Influencers Formula.) If you’d like to learn more about the Influencers Formula for your business, contact Donna today.

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If you want direct, live support from us for your business podcast, then contact us today at ibgr.info.