Love Notes: Self-care Part 2

Rock Your Girl Power

Aug 14 2022 • 19 mins

This week I made a new Love Note. Love Notes: Self-care Part 2. I am riding solo and wanted to create something fresh and new to continue the flow of Self-Care. We will return with Why Am I Still Single next week.

Here are 10 Ways To Show Yourself Love In a Busy Season Of Life

  1. Self-Love Letter
  2. Sit Down and Talk About Your Day
  3. Celebrate all of your wins
  4. Allow yourself to be impressed
  5. Never underestimate your power
  6. Share a selfie
  7. Share an experience
  8. Exude Confidence
  9. Dance
  10. Thoughtful gestures

Showing yourself  just how much you love you takes a lot of time and effort. Remember, you are setting the tone for how you want your current or future significant other to treat you. If you can’t treat yourself good, how do expect them to treat good?

Powerful Affirmation: I Am Limitless
Powerful Affirmation:
I Radiate Confidence Through Beauty, Character, and Grace

Girl Power... Stand in Your POWER, Pursue Your Passion, Define Your Purpose, and as ALWAYS... Keep it Pretty in PINK!

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