160: Freedom v2 | Colm Lyon’s Journey through Payments and Fintech


Oct 22 2021 • 50 mins

Referring to Colm Lyon as an Irish fintech ‘O.G.’ is just the tip of the iceberg, as at the core, he’s an entrepreneur who’s built indigenous Irish businesses into international players. Currently the CEO and Founder of Fire.com, we walk through Colm’s journey from the early days of banking IT to bootstrapping and scaling his first fintech Realex Payments before it was even called fintech, and building a great culture as an Irish company competing globally. We also talk through how successful exits aren’t really exits, what excites Colm about what fintech will become, what he looks for in startup founders…and the wonders of the antediluvial period!


Episode title inspired by 'Freedom' by The Gloaming and 'Freedom' by The Game.

Check out the Fire.com website to learn more about Fire.com and Colm Lyon.

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