Happy and Healthy Living with Darlene Godwin

Darlene Godwin

Happy and Healthy Living with Darlene Godwin is about the fact that you don’t have to feel miserable and suffer everyday with pain, illness and the side effects from medication. It’s a show about insight to knowing the “why” on how you feel and a guide to understanding the root of your health concern to find natural alternative solutions. Happy and Healthy Living helps you to find the right therapies for your personal health journey to bring healing to the mind, body and spirit. Happy and Healthy Living inspires you into action by giving logical, common sense, up to date, answers and step by step tips to better your health at any age. Happy and Healthy Living brings you nutritional foods that heal, healthy wellness tips on self-care and exercise, alternative therapies and medicine and beauty practices that benefit the internal organs as well as anti-age the skin. You “Get the Whole Picture” of what IS a good healthy lifestyle not a temporary fix. read less