5 Things Holding You Back In Your Career - EP. 92

DNA of a Professional Podcast

Jun 4 2023 • 26 mins

Sometimes it's not them! As a professional, you can hold yourself back if you're not careful. Taking responsibility for your career is a must. This means you have to have a great sense of self awareness so you can recognize when you might be getting in your own way. In this episode, your host Tareka Wheeler is sharing five things you might be doing that's holding you back in your career. Everyone wants to achieve success. The problem is that not everyone knows how to actually achieve their desired success. Tareka is breaking down five show stoppers that you might not realize are serving as a hinderance to your career. If you're ready to step aside from what's holding your back, and step into what can push you forward, this episode is for you. EPISODE RESOURCES: - Visit ⁠www.theprofessionaldnapodcast.com ⁠ - ⁠Schedule a Free Discovery Call!⁠ Let's talk about where you are and where you want to be in your career or business - Ask a Career Question! Have a career development or work-life harmony questions? Email Tareka at ⁠info@yourprofessionaldna.com⁠ and use the subject line "Career Question". - Learn More! Visit ⁠www.twstrategicsolutions.com⁠ to download free resources and explore her career development services at  Be sure to sign up for the Achiever Community email list to get weekly affirmations, career strategies, notifications about upcoming trainings, and so much more. ⁠Sign Up Today!⁠ Follow Tareka on social media: LinkedIn | Tareka Wheeler _PMP - ⁠linkedin.com/in/tareka-wheeler-pmp/⁠ IG | @professional_dna - ⁠instagram.com/professional_dna/⁠ FB | @ProfessionalDNA - ⁠facebook.com/ProfessionalDNA⁠ Twitter | @YourPDNA -⁠ twitter.com/YourPDNA⁠ --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/pdnapodcast/message